Saviour (Drew Galloway 2017 Entrance Music)

by Betamaxximum Productions

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The all-new 2017 entrance music for Scottish wrestling phenom Drew Galloway, as first heard at WCPW True Destiny, and soon to be heard at wrestling shows all over the world.


Theres a time and place,
I'll break your face,
I built this town,
and shed disgrace,
From the chosen one,
From the highs to the lows,
I'm the saviour (saviour),
Now everybody knows,
I gave this life to the business,
When you talk about struggle, I'm a witness,
Pedal to the metal now bow to the master,
Picking up the pace it's about to get faster

Oh, here we go
Locked, stocked and ready to blow,
Oh, here we go,
At the top now, say it ain't so,
You don't know what I go through,
But everybody knows when I come through
When I speak you listen, what?
Shock to the system.

This pain I once behold
Here is my disguise, I made it on my own.

Down and out, Then I look to the skies,
Then I stand up, I got my eyes on the prize,
I'm the alpha, I'm the apex,
Gimmie that gold, gimmie that paycheque,
Twenty-four-seven always reppin' that old-school,
Three-sixty-five and I'm never being ridiculed,
All my life all I wanted was some respect,
Now you're wrecked and checked and now decked!

This pain I once behold
Here is my disguise, I made it on my own.


Music and lyrics by David Grimason
Guitars, bass, drum programming, instrumental production & mixing: Neil McDougall
Vocals and vocal production & mixing: David Grimason



all rights reserved


Betamaxximum Productions Glasgow, UK

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